Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

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Who is Hot Stone Massage Good For?

M.I.A The Elite Relaxation Hot Stone Massage Therapy is great for anyone who is needing

  • Targeted pain relief but can't do Deep Tissue
  • a great idea for a gift
  • Deep Relaxation with Deep Pain Relief
  • chronic stress and tension relief
  • to decreases pain and muscle spasms
  • to increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement
  • to relieve pain and tension created by strained and contracted muscles
  • relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions
  • Massage exerts a relaxing effect on the nervous system (psychosomatic)
  • Eases tight, tense, sore and overworked muscles
  • Assists with optimal flexibility of skeletal structure
  • Assists in the movement of venous and lymphatic circulation
  • Assists in the healing of bone due to improved circulation (nutrition)in the local area
  • Assists in the breakdown of fibrous thickenings/adhesions
  • Assists in balancing blood pressure
  • Assists in improving the function of the digestive system


M.I.A The Elite Relaxation Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Each 1 ½ -hour hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Our Elite Relaxation Specialists also incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones which offers enhanced benefits. The premise behind hot stone massage therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the Specialist access to their deeper muscle layers. Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.


Who is Hot Stone Massage Not Good For?

M.I.A The Elite Relaxation Hot Stone Massage Therapy is not a good option for anyone who has the following

  • Any condition where the client has a loss of sensation, including Neuropathy, Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disorder
  • Injury or trauma where nerves have been affected
  • Throughout Pregnancy (due to the rise in body temperature)
  • Psychotic conditions, epilepsy
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system
  • Anyone with depressed immune system, including Lupus, Epstein Barr, Mononucleosis, HIV/AIDS, Cancer; anyone on Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments
  • Sunburn, Psoriasis, Skin cancer, Burns, Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, Shingles, Herpes, or any acute inflamed skin condition.
  • Fever
  • Blood clots, thrombosis
  • After recent surgery
  • Acute inflammation (chronic OK with care)
  • Directly after trauma - whiplash, fractures, sprains etc.
  • Cancers - still undergoing treatment
  • Directly over varicose veins
  • Skin conditions - sores, psoriasis, eczema, burns (risk of infections)
  • Pregnancy during the first 3 months - afterwards it's recommended
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke or heart conditions
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hyper mobile joints and joint replacements

  ***Hydration is very Important before any Elite Relaxation Massage Services or Treatment. It is encouraged to plan in advance when Scheduling a Services to hydrate with WATER a day before the session starts. Water is extremely fundamental in life. We HIGHLY encourage & praise all our clients in taking responsibility for making the healthy choices to always take care of their bodies & souls.
    ***Rule Of Thumb: tips are not added into the total amount price. 15–20% tip is appropriate. And remember: if the massage is discounted, you should tip 15–20% of the full price, not the discounted price. Depending on how satisfied you are with the Elite Services that is. Please let us know at all if anything could be improve. Check Out the Q&A  for more details