Why Just Go M.I.A?


Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver the best results for our clients. We absolutely do not want the body or mind to revert back to when it was in pain or stressed. Our definition of 'Results' is the elimination of the painful or stressful symptoms through of the recurring process of breaking old habits & replacing them with good ones. Neuromuscular problems are built over time. They are caused by your Bad Habits & Repetitive Movements that build up the muscle tension through muscle memory. Once the first session is complete we'll discuss our observation of how the muscles react based on our Professional Knowledge. From there we determine how often our client needs to receive another session or treatment for the maximum & quickest benefits. What sets M.I.A The Elite Relaxation Specialists apart from everyone else in the Canton Area is our driven passion for our profession. We know & believe Massage Therapy will in fact change your life-Because it has changed ours!

Massage Therapy is one of the healthiest habits you can develop to replace all the other bad habits that are depleting your quality of life
— Nina Rasia Naomi Tarpley | Founder
With the way the world is today, Everyone needs to go MIA for a while

Our Philosophy

Offering top Elite Relaxation Service & Treatment to Canton, First Monday Trades Days & surrounding areas. When everyone asks where you been? Tell them you went M.I.A! Here we offer the utmost License Professional Massage Therapy with a touch of Spa treatment. Our Elite Relaxation Specialists believe 100% that the answer to most life's dilemmas is just simply one word "MASSAGE". M.I.A's Elite Relaxation Service & Treatments are no longer available only through resort luxury spas and upscale expensive health clubs. Today, we provide Elite service to businesses, clinics, hospitals, airports and we're quickly becoming the number one choice for an all natural alternative treatment for pain relief in the area. Our Elite Specialists not only have extensive knowledge of the body's anatomy but we have the experience. All Elite Relaxation Specialists are State Licensed, CPR & First Aid Certified with a 800 hours accredited education from the Steiner Education Group.  Scientific studies have found Professional Massage Therapy also to be helpful for Anxiety, Digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia related to stress, Myofascial pain syndrome, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries, Temporomandibular joint pain as well as the contribution to the benefits for specific conditions and diseases. Book Today to get away. Subscribe to our newsletter for extreme savings! 


The Truth Is

We live in a world of disconnect based on fear. Some of the lies we tell ourselves are "This is how it's always been & there is nothing wrong with that" and that couldn't be further from the truth. We have a philosophy here at M.I.A "timeouts used to mean trouble, now that we don't have them we are troubled" It's important for the body & the mind to be stress free. Once you take the time out for YOU then everything else just falls into place. So just go M.I.A & make sure you tell everyone else to do the same!

timeouts used to mean trouble, now that we don’t have them we are troubled
— Nina Rasia Naomi Tarpley | Founder
More Sessions Will
= Better Results

Not “Just Massage”

It is a fact that daily habits of substance abuse (smoking/drinking/etc), lack of exercise and poor nutrition have a large impact on mental and physical health that eventually lead to major health issues and complications if not properly maintained.  However, a massage treatment plan can help to reduce the impact of unhealthy habits, repetitive motion on the physical body and help to reduce daily stress on the mental and emotional body. In this sense massage is a long-term healthcare investment and may help to lower healthcare costs in the long run by decreasing the need for surgery and/or medication. In this fashion massage is a preventative health care measure as it helps to increase mind-body awareness and keep the effects of mental and physical stress at bay. Regular massage is effective in preventing injury, and providing physical maintenance to fascia, muscle and connective tissues patterns (Moyer, Rounds, & Hannum, 2004). In return decreasing soreness in muscles, increase range of motion in joints and promotes healing after injury or surgery. Nerve compression may be alleviated and relieving acute or chronic pain, decreasing the need for painful injections, painkillers and future surgeries. As muscles become suppler over time there circulation may increase, lowering blood pressure and increasing in the production of endorphins, such as dopamine and serotonin that are responsible for mood elevation. If the client were to follow a regular massage therapy treatment plan, or incorporate it into their wellness plan, they could possibly see a reduction in the cost of talk therapy or money spent on medication.